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MicroLinx users survey W Ted Rogers 15 Mar 1994 16:07 UTC

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----------------------------Original message----------------------------
We at Old Dominion University are seriously considering migrating
from Faxon's SC-10 system to Faxon's MicroLinx system.
Therefore, I am seeking other serialists who have experience with
MicroLinx and who would not mind responding to the following
survey.  Please respond directly to me.  Thank you.

MicroLinx Survey

1.   How long have you had experience with Faxon's MicroLinx
     system?  With what versions have you had experience?  With
     what other systems (both standalone and integrated) have you
     had experience?

2.   How  many active titles are in your MicroLinx database?  Do
     you maintain inactive titles (e.g. ceased titles, previous
     titles, etc.) in your MicroLinx database?  If so, how many
     inactive titles are in your database?

3.   Do  you split your database between different
     terminal/workstations?  If so, how many terminals do you
     have for MicroLinx?  Have you had any specific problems
     caused or exacerbated by splitting your database between
     workstations, e.g. receiving invoices, generating claims,
     running reports, etc.?  Please give details.

4.   Do you receive your invoices on diskette or online?  If so,
     how well does this work?  How are supplemental invoices and
     credit memos handled?

5.   How much time do you devote to the claiming process with
     MicroLinx?  Does this interfere or create backlogs for

6.   Is MicroLinx fairly accurate in claiming, i.e. does it claim
     issues that have already been received and/or not claim
     issues that are overdue?

7.   How much time do you devote to generating reports?  Have you
     been able to schedule report generation for off-hours?
     Please explain.

8.   What sorts of reports do you generate from MicroLinx?  How
     useful have you found them to be?

9.   How often do you back up the database?

10.  Do you maintain all eight (8) of the backup archive files as
     recommended on p.B:1 of the MicroLinx users guide/manual?

11.  Do you maintain a view-only backup database on a LAN?  If
     so, does Public Services have access to it?  Do patrons have
     access to it?  How useful has this proven?

12.  Have you ever had any problems with the system crashing,
     data corruption, etc.?  Please give details.

13.  In general, how do you rate MicroLinx?  What do you see as
     the major advantages and disadvantages to MicroLinx?  How
     does MicroLinx compare to the other systems with which you
     have had experience?

Thank you very much for your time and trouble.  If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact me.  Please return via one
of the means below.
                           Thank you.

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