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Serials in CLSI / LIBS100+ / CLCAT (Matthew Gilmore) ANN ERCELAWN 29 Mar 1994 00:46 UTC

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 19:21:04 -0500
From: "Matthew Gilmore (DC Pub. Lib)" <mgilmore@CAPCON.NET>
Subject: Serials in CLSI / LIBS100+ / CLCAT
X-cc:, Mary Ternes <>


We are cataloging our periodicals into our CLSI CLCAT (LIBS100+) system.
The question comes up as to the best method for representing
holdings--dates and branches.

The thought now is to put in volume records with dummy barcodes, with the
volume record indicating dates held.  Any other ideas?

This is the first time we have actually cataloged periodicals (besides
some awful brief title records in the previous CLSI system).

Our periodical collection is closed stacks and shelved in title
order--not classed. We do not have automated serials checkin (yes, we are
in the dark ages).

Matthew Gilmore

D.C. Public Library
Washingtoniana Division

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