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ANSI Level 4 compressed Kevin Randall 02 Aug 1994 19:28 UTC

We're getting ready to implement ANSI Z39.44-1986 at Northwestern.  I have
a few questions regarding compressed Level 4 statements, and I can't find
any answers in the standard or its appendices.  What are y'all doing?

1.  If a volume comprises only part of a year (e.g. NEWSWEEK is published
in two vols. a year) how would a compressed statement appear?

          v.107 (1986:Jan.-June)
      or  v.107 (1986:Jan./June)

    The second option seems to make more sense, since the chronology is
describing the enumeration as a single entity--whereas the first option
is not quite "parallel" (one volume number, but more than one date <if you
consider "1986:Jan./June" to be a "single" date>).

2.  If a volume comprised of more than one issue (e.g. a monthly) covers a
noncalendar year, how would a compressed statement appear?

          v.1 (1993:July-1994:June)
      or  v.1 (1993:July/1994:June)
      or  v.1 (1993/1994)

3.  Are microform holdings entered the same as for hardcopy--that is,
should the arrangement of issues on reels or sheets be considered as a type
of "binding" and thus ignored in the holdings statement?

    For example:  Vol. 1, consisting of 12 monthly issues (Jan.-Dec. 1993),
is published on two reels of film, and the library has received only the first
          v.1:no.1-6 (1993:Jan.-June)
      or  v.1:no.1/6 (1993:Jan./June)

I'm wondering how much agreement there is out there on these matters.  (Or if
maybe my eyes just keep skipping over something in the standard...)


Kevin M. Randall
Head, Serials Cataloging Section
Northwestern University Library
Evanston, IL  60208-2300
(708) 491-2939