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Re: Security Strips Christy Wrenn (03 Aug 1994 20:09 UTC)

Re: Security Strips Christy Wrenn 03 Aug 1994 20:09 UTC

Laura, Joe, and the List,

  Magale Library just purchased a new Knogo Security System and the guy
who installed the system stated that the Knogo Strips were much thinner
than the 3M Strips.  The Detection System, therefore picks the 3M strips up
sooner, as a library item attempts to walk out the door.

  I have no idea how the cost comparison relates.  I just thought that I
would give you more food for thought.  I gave some of the other discussion
notes to Sharon Cain, our supply person and she may have more to say later
about the cost.

Christy Wrenn, Tech Services
Centenary College of Louisiana
Magale Library
Shreveport, LA.

On Tue, 2 Aug 1994, Joe Edelen, University of South Dakota wrote:

> In reply to Laura Vogler:
> Depending on which model (how new) of 3M's system you have, you may wish to
> consider Knogo's strips.
> [Joe Edelen, University of South Dakota <>]