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Discount plans Esther Sleep 19 Aug 1994 16:02 UTC

Recently I received brief information about a discount plan which
replaces any previous applications for discounts.  We seem to have 3
possible options - Subscriber Incentive Plan for 5% or Photocopy License
for 10% or SIP and PL for 15%.  Regardless of choice of plan we must sign
a voucher/waiver for each title.  And regardless of whether we use a
vendor or subscribe directly we must apply directly to the publisher
to receive these discounts.  I was told action must be taken by August 11th
which I did.  I asked for information/vouchers to be faxed to me.  I am still
waiting.  For several  years we have been part of the SIP option but did
not sign vouchers each year.  It seems we must resign.  My questions are - what
are other institutions doing about these plans and what response have you
had from the publisher?  Thank you.

Esther L. Sleep
Head, Serials Dept.
Brock University Library
St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1
Phone:  905-688-5550, Ext. 3266
Fax:    905-988-5490