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Ads through agents? Joanne Lehman (25 Aug 1994 03:50 UTC)

Ads through agents? Joanne Lehman 25 Aug 1994 03:50 UTC

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  I handle circulation for Pacific Northwest Quarterly, a small but
  respected scholarly journal of history, published here at the
  University of Washington.  Our total circulation is around 1200, and
  fewer than half of our subscribers are college and university libraries
  -- with most of those subscriptions handled by EBSCO, Faxon, and a few
  other agents.  Although we suspect that most of the major libraries that
  should carry us already do (we've been around for 85 years), we're always
  interested in ways to reach the ones that should but don't yet --
  but we have very few (hardly any) advertising dollars and a tiny staff.
  One subscription agent regularly suggests to me that I spend some of
  those scarce dollars advertising through them -- say, by paying to have
  PNQ represented at library exhibits or to have our title listed in bold
  type in their catalog.  I've resisted so far, but I thought I'd ask for
  comments from some of you who are responsible for purchasing decisions:
  How much are you influenced -- or even informed -- by such displays or
  listings, particularly in this era of scarce *purchasing* dollars?  Also,
  any other thoughts/advice you might have, from your side of the journal
  picture, about the most effective ways for a (low-budget) publisher to
  let you know what's available . . .

  Feel free to write to me privately at

  JoAnne Lehman
  Pacific Northwest Quarterly
  4045 Brooklyn Avenue N.E.
  Seattle, WA 98105