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Vendor Performance Rolly Harwell 26 Aug 1994 14:44 UTC

We are an academic library of a regional university with approximately
2500 periodical subscriptions and 800 standing orders with a 1994 cost
of $600,000.  We are seeking information from similar libraries regarding
serials vendor performance--specifically about EBSCO and other alternatives
to Faxon.  We would appreciate frank evaluations from knowledgeable
individuals who deal with such vendors on a daily basis.  Currently we are
a Faxon client with no complaints about their services.  However, we feel an
obligation to gather information for the purpose of making an informed
decision regarding our future operations.  If you feel you have information
which might be helpful to us please respond to me personally rather than the

Periodicals/Microforms Librarian
Sherrod Library
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN 37604