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Job Opening - Maine Newspaper Project Janet E. Roberts 03 Nov 1994 02:17 UTC

We didn't have much response to our first attempt, so we're trying
again!  If you know anyone who might be interested, please spread the
word.  Thanks!

                       (LIBRARIAN II)

Opening Date: November 1, 1994
Closing Date: December 16, 1994

      This is a 22-month professional cataloging position to
  provide OCLC/CONSER original serials cataloging, name
  authority control, and holdings information for
  approximately 1500 Maine newspaper titles as part of the
  National Endowment for the Humanities Maine Newspaper
  Project. Responsibilities include coordinating and scheduling
  activities required increating cataloging and holdings records
  for the Project.
      This will be a full-time project position.  The
  current grant runs through June of 1996; there is a
  possibility that the cataloging will not be complete at
  that time and the position might be extended.  The person
  will work under limited supervision of the Project
  Coordinator at the Maine State Library, and in cooperation
  with the Head Cataloger.  S/he will provide supervision,
  training, and evaluation for one full-time Library
  Assistant.  Travel will be required to access collections
  around the state.

  Experience and qualifications:
  Six year combination of education and experience in professional
  library work to include at least two years experience in original
  cataloging on OCLC; familiarity with AACR2, LC Rules
  Interpretations, LCSH, and other bibliographic reference
  tools.  Preference will be given to candidates with a Masters
  Degree in Library Science, original serials cataloging experience,
  and/or familiarity with the CONSER Editing Guide and the USNP
  Cataloging and Union Listing Manual.

For an Application:
  Contact Debbe Clark at the Bureau of Human Resources/
  State House Station # 4/ Augusta, ME  04333 (207-287-4416),
  say you're interested in the Maine State Library's Maine
  Newspaper Project Position and ask for a Yellow/Green
  Application and a copy of the Career
  Opportunity Bulletin.

  For more information about the project:
  Contact Janet Roberts / Maine State Archives / State House
  Station #84 / Augusta, ME   04333.  Phone: 207-287-5790.  E-
  mail:  Janet is usually
  in on Wednesdays and Thursdays; e-mail is checked daily.

Janet Roberts                         (207) 287-5791
Maine State Archives     Archives BBS:(207) 287-5797
Station #84              Internet:
Augusta, ME  04333