?Best's insurance reports. Life-health Melodie Sanders 03 Nov 1994 02:27 UTC

In evaluating the change in this serial run, I have found myself at
somewhat a loss on how to handle the notes and linking fields. I've
come up with something, but would like some feedback on it.

Title changed from:
Best's insurance reports. Life-health. (1 v., 1993 ed., OCLC #4644376,
LCCN sc81-1016, ISSN 1075-8690)

Best's insurance reports. Life-health United States. (2 v., 1994 ed.,
OCLC #31063165)

When the 1994 edition came up as a problem in the standing order process,
we noticed the Canadian material was not in the 1994 ed.  A call to
the publisher (11/2/94) confirmed that the Canadian material has been
removed from the Life-health sections, and has become a part of the new

Best's insurance reports. Canada. (1 vol., 1994 ed., OCLC #31186839,
LCCN sn94-1362, ISSN 1078-7690)

On OCLC and in LOCIS, I found the serial records do not show any relationship
between the three titles. In looking at both editions of the Life-health
volumes, it is clear that Life-health United States does continue the
Life-health editions. From what the Customer Service Representative
read/told me over the telephone, the Canadian material that was formerly
in Life-health is now in the new Canada title (we don't have that title).

For the earlier record I thought:

580    Continued by: Best's insurance reports. Life-health United States;
       and Canadian reports continued by: Best's insurance reports. Canada.
785 10 #t Best's insurance reports. Life-health United States
785 11 #t Best's insurance reports. Canada

For the new record I thought:

580    Continues: Best's insurance reports. Life-health; and Canadian reports
       continued in related publication: Best's insurance reports. Canada.
780 10 #t Best's insurance reports. Life-health
787 1  #t Best's insurance reports. Canada


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