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Selecting and recording numeric designations (Margaret Wilson) Birdie MacLennan 15 Nov 1994 20:47 UTC

Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 12:55:03 CST
From: Margaret Wilson <mwilson@ukanvm.bitnet>
Subject: selecting and recording numeric designations

I would like to consult the collective wisdom of the serials catalogers on
the list.  I have recently come across some problems concerning the
selection and recording of the numeric designation; I could not find
these problems addressed to my satisfaction in AACR2, the LCRIs, the
CONSER Editing Guide, or the CONSER Cataloging Manual.

Problem 1)  The chief source, in this case the title page, has two "statements"
of the numeric designation.  Statement 1 appears in large print (along
with the complete title) in the center of the title page.  Statement 2
appears in very small print at the top of the title page, as follows:
ABBREVIATED title, numeric designation, inclusive pages, chronology place
of publication, date of publication, ISSN number.  The numeric
designation is the same in both statements except that statement 1 lacks
captions.  There is no other numerical designation on the piece.  Can one
piece together the numeric designation from the 2 "statements," since they
are both on the same source?  If not, what is the basis for choosing one
statement over the other (e.g. completeness? "prominence"? other?)

Problem 2) According to the LCRI on Appendix D, the cover is defined as
pages 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the cover, both flaps of the cover, and the spine.
Should one automatically assume that this definition applies equipally to
serials?  For example, a serial has two different numeric designations on
two different sources.  The numeric designation appearing on the spine
has a whole numering scheme.  The numeric designation appearing on the
masthead has an internal numering scheme.  According to the LCRI
definition, the spine is considered to be the preferred source, being
part of the cover.  However, the numbering will be lost when the serial
is bound.  Should the spine numering be the numeric designation which is
selected for the 362 field?

Problem 3) Under what conditions, if any, is it permissable to omit from
the 362 a numeric designation which appears prominently?  For example, a
weekly magazine has a highly visible chronology on the front cover, and
the enumeration appears only on the masthead, which is located in the
back of the item.  Should the enumeration be included in the 362, even if
the magazine is always cited by chronology?

Thank you for your opinions.  Please respond to me directly, and I will
summarize for the list.

Margaret Wilson
University of Kansas Libraries