Directory of union catalogues of serials ISSN International Centre 02 May 1995 15:03 UTC

The IFLA Section on Serial publications is launching a new project that, we
think, should greatly facilitate the work of the serial community. We plan
to prepare a Directory of Union catalogues, with addresses, coverage,
availability, contact persons...

A major work of compilation of existing collections is carried out in
geographical, linguistic or specialized areas that is not always well known
or easily accessible due to lack of information.

We should greatly appreciate if you would :

- comment on the project, make suggestions, give your opinion on the whole
- provide information on the Union Catalogue you are involved in or using :
name, address, coverage, contact persons... in order to facilitate the
survey we shall start after the Istanbul Conference.
- forward this message to whoever could be interested in it.

Thanks to the responses we receive, the Section will be able to discuss
procedures and actions to be taken in August at the upcoming IFLA Conference
with more relevance.

For the time being and before a project manager is appointed, you can
address all messages to the following e-mail address :

or postal address :

ISSN International Centre
20 rue Bachaumont
75002 PARIS

We look forward to your cooperation and thank you in advance.

Thanks in advance,

Suzanne Santiago
Chair, IFLA Section on serial publications

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