Mismailed Russian journals Kathy Schmidt 16 Jun 1995 01:43 UTC

A month or so ago, our library received a package of Russian journals from
EVP International.
Here is a partial list of the contents:
0320-8907       Kentavr         2.95
0869-5962       Knizhnaia letopis        17.95
0869-6020       Bibliografiia           2.95
0869-4729       Delovaia zhizn          11.95
0869-558X       Militsiia       4.95
There are also a pile of Rusian newspapers included.

Our subscription with them is for International Affairs (in English) and we
are apparently customer number 532.  The Russian journals inside of the
package were all marked for customer number 523 and our more recent issues
of International Affairs have yet to turn up.  We contacted EVP and they
were going to look into it but have not gotten back to us yet.  If these
issues sound like ones that your library might be claiming and you have an
extra issue of International Affairs, please let me know!  Thanks-

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