Re: Question about Journal of Asian History E. Gaele Gillespie 28 Jun 1995 19:52 UTC

In response to Laura Vogler's inquiry about Otto Harrassowitz and _Journal
of Asian History_:

Harrassowitz is one of our major serial vendors, and they've been our source
for the  _Journal of Asian History_ since the journal's debut. We've rarely
had to claim as this semiannual has arrived so consistently. (Our latest
receipt is vol. 28, no. 2 (1994) which we rec'd. 2/16/95.)  The University
of Kansas Libraries has used Harrassowitz for serials and books for over 30
years and can attest that this firm is a responsive, reputable, dependable,
and accurate source for library materials.

Harrassowitz has a North American office in Columbia, MD:  Jane Maddox or
anyone at the office will be happy to help you.  Phone, e-mail, and fax
numbers follow (we often order via e-mail and they forward to the Wiesbaden,
Germany office -- address for it follows the North American office info.):
     Phone:  800-348-6886 (or 410-964-3011)   |  Otto Harrassowitz
     e-mail:         |  North American Office
     FAX:  410-964-3013                       |  P.O. Box 10
                                              |  11816 Bright Passage
                                              |  Columbia, MD  21045-0010

The information for the office in Germany is:  Otto Harrassowitz
    Fax: 011-49-611-53 05 60                   P.O. Box 2929
                                               65019 Wiesbaden, Germany

Note:  Give everyone a chance to get back from ALA :-) !

E. Gaele Gillespie / Serials Librarian / University of Kansas Libraries
913-864-3535  Internet form of address: GGILLESP@UKANVM.CC.UKANS.EDU