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InterCat Catalog Now Available Birdie MacLennan 25 Jul 1995 18:37 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 24 Jul 1995 19:29:40 CDT
Subject:      InterCat Catalog Now Available
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From: (Erik Jul)
Subject: InterCat Catalog Now Available

Posted to INTERCAT, AUTOCAT, PACS-L, and EMEDIA.  Please redistribute as
appropriate.  --Erik


A searchable catalog of Internet resources--InterCat--will be available
at URL from now through March 31, 1996.  The
InterCat Catalog is an experimental, proof-of-concept database created
through the OCLC Internet Cataloging project, which is funded in part by
a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, office of library

The InterCat catalog comprises nearly 1,000 bibliographic records for
selected Internet resources.  Using a Web browser, users can search the
database, view retrieval lists, display records, and follow "hot links"
to the described resources.  The database was implemented by the OCLC
office of research using OCLC SiteSearch and WebZ software.

Records in the database have been created by librarians, most of whom are
associated with the 181 institutions worldwide that are participating in
the OCLC Internet Cataloging project.  Participants in the project
identify, select and catalog resources using widely accepted professional
standards and practices for information description.  Records in the
catalog were created in accordance with Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules,
2d ed., revised (AACR2R) using the USMARC format.  Each record contains
electronic location and access information in a tagged field--856--which
enables access to remote Internet resources.

The records are suitable for inclusion in local, regional and national
bibliographic catalogs, thus integrating the description and access of
Internet resources within existing library systems.

Project enrollment remains open through the March 31, 1996 project
end-date.  Additional information is available from Erik Jul at
1-614-764-4364 or, or from the project's home page at  The database is also
available through OCLC's home page,, under "What's
New, What's Hot."

The Internet Cataloging project is one of several OCLC initiatives to
provide access to the resources on the Internet.  NetFirst, a database
that will soon be available on FirstSearch and EPIC, will provide
thorough indexing and abstracting of Internet resources.  Records are
created using a combination of automated and human editorial processes
that include creation of an abstract and the assignment of subject
headings and classification numbers.  A demonstration of NetFirst is
available at and through OCLC's
home page under "What's New, What's Hot."  Questions about NetFirst or
suggestions for items to include may be made to