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Journal of Immunology subscribers Ann Springer 27 Jul 1995 22:17 UTC

If any of you subscribe to the Journal of Immunology, you will
want to check for the June 15, 1995 issue which was printed
so the cover and spine show the volume, number, pages and
dates for the June 1, 1995 issue!  We received a letter from the
publisher stating this error and sending labels to put on the issue
showing the corrected information.  When this issue
was received, our checkin person assumed (naturally!) that this
was a duplicate and it was put on a cart for a decision later.
We were able to retrieve it and have added the new labels and
checked it in.  There will probably be many claims for the June 15
issue even though the issue was sent to libraries with this error.

Ann Springer
Parke-Davis Research Library
Ann Arbor, MI