Re: Nautilus Press problems (Maggie Rioux) Marcia Tuttle 18 Aug 1995 14:31 UTC

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 09:24:18 -0400
From: Maggie Rioux <mrioux@MBL.EDU>
Subject: Re: Nautilus Press problems

> Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 08:47:39 -0700
> From: Ann Nez <acnez@U.WASHINGTON.EDU>
> Subject: Problems with Nautilus Press titles
> We're trying to revive subscriptions to two Nautilus Press titles:
> Marine Mammal News, and Marine Fish Management.  We've sent in our
> subscription payment but have not received any issues.  Can anyone tell
> me whether these titles are being issued regularly?  Also, we
> have tried repeatedly to contact the publisher by phone and fax and have
> not received any response.  (message phone:202-347-6643/ fax:703-892-1556).
> Has anyone been successsful contacting this publisher?  I'd appreciate
> any tips! Thanks.
>         Ann Nez
>         Gallagher Law Library
>         University of Washington

We too have had many problems contacting Nautilus Press.  The absolutely
only method that seems to work is the fax, although that hasn't been
real reliable either.  They used to be really good, but something has
happened in the last couple of years. Their titles have had
major decreases in frequency in the past few years, with many combined
issues.  The last issue of Marine Mammal News we have received (despite
a current subscription) is vol. 20:1-6 (6 issues combined in one!)
dated June 1994, received 7/20/94.  Vol. 19 also had only 6 issues,
but they weren't so heavily combined.
  We're terminating our subscription to this title as well as Ocean
Science News. They're just not worth it give budgetary constraints.
Maggie Rioux

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