Re: copy cataloging of serials Mitch Turitz 16 Feb 1996 21:05 UTC

It sounds like you are talking about PERIODICALS, and not all serials.  I
assume that already catalog annuals, continuations, and other
less-frequently published serials, annual reports, etc. in your
classified stacks along with the monographs?

As far as cataloging periodicals goes:  If you are shelving by title (as
we do) You need to indicate the SHELVING TITLE somewhere in the record,
as you may be shelving some things by a title which is not the title proper.
(e.g. do you shelve JAMA under "J.A.M.A.", or under "Jama" or under
"American Medical Association Journal" or "Journal of the American
Medical Association"? )

In some cases you will need to create an added entry specifically for
this.  We use a 246 with a 2nd indicator of "9".  Our lcoal systems
displays those titles with the description: "Shelved as: J.A.M.A."

  If your integrated library system supports the full MARC format for
holdings and locations, there should be a field for this shelving title in
the holdings record.

  If you've never cataloged serials before, make sure you have thoroughly
read through both the CONSER Editing Guide and the CONSER CATALOGING
MANUAL.  They are the bibles of serials cataloging.  Also, don't forget
chapter 12 of AACR2R and LCRI for AACR2 Chapter 25.5B.  Although 25.5B
doesn't come up very often, it is VERY IMPORTANT.

  And of course, if you have any questions that are not answered by any
of the above, you can ask them here or on Autocat.

  Good luck!

-- Mitch
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Young Park <ypark@DTIC.MIL> wrote:

Hi, I need your advise about copy cataloging serials.
We are planning to catalog serials for the first time. I'm a monograph
cataloger, so I'm not familiar with cataloging serials. Is there something
that I should be aware of?