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            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

Volume 7, Number 1 (1996)                          ISSN 1048-6542


Bill Anderson and Les Hawkins, Development of CONSER Cataloging
Policies for Remote Access Computer File Serials

     The CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials) Program has recently
     developed and published its policies and practices for
     cataloging remote access computer file serials.  Module 31
     of the CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM), "Remote Access
     Computer File Serials," was drafted by Melissa Beck of UCLA
     and covers cataloging policies for remote access computer
     file serials.  The module opens with a full discussion of
     the kinds of online resources CONSER considers to be remote
     access computer file serials.  Also included in the module
     are policies for periodicals in multiple file formats, the
     recording of location and access information, and other
     significant bibliographic information.  These policies were
     developed over many months in consultation with a number of
     other projects, institutions, offices, and individuals
     active in the field of networked information and remote
     access computer file serials (henceforth called "electronic

     The effort to develop cataloging tools for networked
     resources and electronic serials spans many years and
     involves numerous players in different areas of the library
     community.  This has been an ongoing process involving
     individuals closely attuned to the major developments in the
     publishing community.  Over the years, CONSER has followed
     the numerous advances in the standards for cataloging
     electronic serials.  With the integration of USMARC
     bibliographic formats, now in process, serials catalogers
     will soon be in position to utilize all the computer file
     bibliographic record elements.  CONSER has taken a major
     step in developing policies for these new elements with the
     publication of Module 31 of the CCM.  The authors first
     present a broad overview of a number of related efforts and
     developments in the publishing and library communities, and
     then discuss the development of Module 31 of the CCM and the
     major issues it addresses.

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