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Summary of responses on barcoding (fwd) Debbie Pitman 12 Feb 1996 15:55 UTC

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Date:          Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:52:24 EST
From:          "Beverly Knight" <>
Organization:  State Library of Victoria
Subject:       Summary of responses of barcoding

Summary of responses to query regarding barcoding of serials at the
State Library of Victoria:

General recommendations:  use duplicate barcodes and information
sheets for inputting data.  Ensure that records are accurate before
barcoding.  Some libraries reported that they don't barcode serials
because they don't circulate them.  Missing issues present problems.

The Washoe County Law Library are about to have their serials put
online.  They plan to use two part extra smart barcodes based on
their tape load from the recon. vendor.  They suggest barcoding most
frequent titles first. (

The University of Richmond Library, Virginia, are barcoding bound
volumes only and use negative barcodes to hold the place of
incomplete  volumes (

The University of Miami create item records for each volume first and
then attach the barcodes.  Their biggest problems relate to missing
volumes and incorrect holdings (

The San Jose Unviersity only barcoded journals that are loaned to faculty
members and bound volumes that went to a satellite campus.

Slippery Rock University barcode loose issues, microfilm and some
microfiche.  They barcode all microfilm ahead of time, but loose
issues only receive barcodes as they are entered. (

Wesleyan University, Middletown, regret not undertaking retrospective
barcoding and warn against linking holdings to incorrect records,
especially with multiple formats.  They reported problems with
fitting enumeration/chronological information into the appropriate
field. (

Maddox Library, Trinity University, San Antonio suggest using dumb
barcodes and printouts of titles by call number to process, and had
problems with stock being out of circulation during processing.  They
photocopied and enlarged the barcode sheets, and record relevant
information on the photocopy prior to inputting.

Thank you to all who responded to our enquiry.  Your experiences have
been of great assistance.  We hope to start a pilot program in the
near future.

Felicity Garrigan, Beverly Knight and Debbie Pitman.

Beverly Knight
Cataloguing Dept.                      Tel. (03)9669 9929
State Library of Victoria              Fax. (03) 9663 1480
328 Swanston Street         e-mail:
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