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Use of 505 for contents note in serials records (2 messsages) Birdie MacLennan 14 Feb 1996 22:47 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 14 Feb 1996 11:32:44 -0600
From:         Felecia Clifton <clifton@PLAINS.NODAK.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Use of 505 for contents note in serials records

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Ila M. Grice wrote:

> We have MANY guidebooks from MANY geological societies cataloged as
> serials.  Most of the the guidebooks also have distinctive titles.  In my
> opinion, better access would have been provided if they had been cataloged
> as monographs or monographic series.  There are too many to recatalog.  I am
> considering adding 505 20 to the serials records as new volumes are received.
> I would like your reactions and comments to this.  Thanks.

We receive publications from Geological Surveys from all over the U.S.
in exchange for publications from our Geological Survey.  What
we end up doing is cataloging them as sets.  We then do analytics for the
states adjacent to our state.  If there is an interest in another
states publications, we will analyze those issues also.  It seems to
work for us.

Felecia Clifton
University of North Dakota

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Date:         Wed, 14 Feb 1996 09:45:58 -0800
From:         Mitch Turitz <turitz@SFSU.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Use of 505 for contents note in serials records

  my PERSONAL opinion is that 505s should not be used in serial records.
You will be constantly updating the record and it will look very messy in
no time, by the time you include all the added entries.

  It is better to have one serial record just for check-in and then do
each guidebook as a separately cataloged monograph.  You can give each
one the same call number (i.e. as an analyzed set) so they can all sit
together on the shelves, and a series added entry, so they all be called
up together that way.  You can start the analytics with just the new
guidebooks as they are received, with a note in the serial record,
"issues received after February, 1996 cataloged separately under call no.

  Just my opinions.

-- Mitch
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