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PHLS Microbiology Digest/Microbiology Digest (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 09 Jul 1996 13:33 UTC

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Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 09:14:00 EST
From: McLaughlin, Deborah A. <dam9@OPSIRM1.EM.CDC.GOV>
Subject: PHLS Microbiology Digest/Microbiology Digest

Can someone shed some light on this title?  Our holdings begin with volume
13, no. 1, 1996. The record on OCLC (#11154536) has as the title PHLS
microbiology digest.  Our issue shows only Microbiology digest.  It is
referred to as Microbiology digest throughout the publication. I would like
to know  when   this publication's title changed.
It is published by the Public Health Laboratory Service,London.
Deborah McLaughlin