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Aquatic sciences & fisheries abstract Beth Guay 22 Jan 1997 21:02 UTC

A while back I lashed out that I wanted to catalog ASFA database as a
serial. I thank you all for your comments re that subject. I have since
used rationality and your suggestions to catalog the bibliographic
hermaphrodite. I encoded it as a monograph (BLvl) and gave it a
serial 006 to provide serial aspects. It's not real kosher but
it's valid. (I wish 362 and 310 fields were valid). Anyway, see
OCLC#36240418. Just FYI, and feel free to comment, to me
individually, or to the list. (I'm a electronic cataloging novice
when it comes to remote files, so please be gentle when reviewing.)
Sincerely, Beth Guay

Beth Guay
Serials Cataloger
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland at College Park
College Park, Maryland 20742

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