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Re: Expensive serial titles Nancy Hanks 23 Jan 1997 20:03 UTC

At 10:11 AM 1/22/97 EST, Alberto J Garcia wrote:
>We made a list of all expensive serial titles in our collection, and we
>discover that 44 (3.6% of 1200 serial titles) of these serial titles
>represent about 25% of the subscription year cost ($82,000 dlls.).
>ackt Mathematical Reviews                                  6226.
> ... etc...
>Our plan is to handle in electronic formats: CD or online.
>Do you have information about those serial titles that are indexed in
>cd-rom or any sources that give us access to full text online journals?
>I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or any information about it
>Thank you in advance
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I can't speak for the other titles but our Math Dept. wanted to go
electronic for Mathematical Reviews and ended up going back to the paper
after six months of trying to get it to work.  I believe even the American
Math. Society is having problems with transmitting math formulas.  If anyone
is doing only electronic for Math. Reviews, I'd like to know what you are doing!
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