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Serials bid Judy Cerqua 24 Jan 1997 17:04 UTC

Please reply to Judith Cerqua <jcerqua@SLONET.OHIO.GOV>, rather
than to the list.  Ms. Cerqua indicates she will summarize for the
list, if there is interest.  A summary to SERIALST would be very
welcome as, undoubtedly, other subscribers are interested in these
questions and concerns.   --editor/bml
------------------------Original message-----------------------
Dear Serialisters:

The State Library of Ohio is preparing to send our serials list out for bid.
Before we do so, I would appreciate your input in the form of a quick survey.

1.  Does your library use a serials jobber?

2.  Does your library send out bid/rfp requests to serials vendors for price

    a.  If a bid/rfp is sent to vendors, how often is this done?

3.  When a bid list is prepared, do you send the entire list or a sample?

4.  If you send a sample, how is the sample selected?

    a.  Is the sample a specific percentage of materials ordered or a fixed
number of titles.

    b.  Would you send the same list each time a bid was prepared?

5.  Once quotes are received, what criteria is used to evaluate the vendors?

6.  Is price the most important part of the process, or are services

7.  If services are considered, how are they weighted?

Please send responses directly to my e-mail address,
or  I will summarize for the list if there is
interest.  TIA,

Judith Cerqua
Head, Acquisitions/Processing
State Library of Ohio