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NASIG Human Resources Directory now available on WWW (fwd) Judith Johnston 28 Jan 1997 20:00 UTC

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On behalf of the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG), I am
pleased to announce that the

                    NASIG Human Resources Directory
                      is Now Available on the Web


NASIG's greatest resources are the talents, energies, and sharing natures
of its membership.  In order to be able to draw upon these resources more
fully, the NASIG Continuing Education Committee has designed and
implemented the HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTORY to help all members of the
information community become aware of NASIG members who are willing to
speak, advise, or consult on specific, topical areas of continuing
interest to serialists.

To make use of this new NASIG resource:
        * point your web browser to the NASIG home page:
        * click on the HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTORY link at the top of the page

The HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTORY currently contains contents of more than
30 member profiles, which are arranged by Name Index and Skill Index.

Active members of NASIG who are interested in being included in the HUMAN
RESOURCES DIRECTORY are encouraged to submit their profile to this growing
Directory.  Instructions and profile forms can be found at the Web site.

NASIG's Continuing Education Committee plans for ongoing expansion and
maintenance of this new resource.  Check out the NASIGWeb site for current
and future developments.

NASIG acknowledges the talent and hard work of a number of dedicated
volunteers in developing and implementing the HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTORY:

Special thanks to the Continuing Education Committee's HRD Working Group:
        Martin Gordon (Franklin & Marshall College)
        Judy Luther (Serials Consultant)
        Roberta Winjum (Univ. of Hawaii)

and to Continuing Education Committee Co-chairs:
        Marilyn Geller (Readmore)
        Michele Crump (Univ. of Florida)

and to Maggie Rioux (Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.) of the Electronic
Communications Committee.

For additional information about the HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTORY project,
contact Marty Gordon (

Birdie MacLennan (Univ. of Vermont)
NASIG Exec. Board Liaison to
the Continuing Education Committee