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Mail during moving Saretta Burke 30 Jan 1997 17:22 UTC

We moved last August, closing the library for two weeks while the
crew worked.  We had our periodical employees coming in as usual,
handling daily mail as usual.  It just went into boxes in the old
building when we were still there, and in boxes in the new building
when it was opened to us.  We had emptied all our display shelves
before the move, putting everything in the periodical stacks.  The
new display area was twice as large, and as new things came in,after
the move, we put them out on display.  The boxed items were all put
in the stacks as we found time to do so.  We did not try to do that
in an orderly way.  Just picked up a handful of stuff and put it
away, much as it might have been done without a move to complicate
things.  Our movers packed from the old shelves and unpacked onto the
new shelves without much knowledge of periodicals, so we had a lot of
reorganizing to do. We had gone through our stacks, title by title,
to organize and discard everything that was due to be discarded.  We
put a lot of titles on microfiche and were especially careful to have
everything done before the move.  Summer is our usual time to
discard, so that was not an additional problem.

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