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ALCTS Heads of Tech Services of Medium-Sized Academic Lib meeting Patricia Kantner 30 Jan 1997 17:25 UTC

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                          DISCUSSION GROUP

                          MIDWINTER MEETING

                        SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1997
                           GRAND HYATT HOTEL
                        INDEPENDENCE BALLROOM D & E

                        DISCUSSION TOPICS

I. "The Great Migration":  Choosing Our Next System
        As automated systems become increasingly sophisticated
   and flexible, many libraries have migrated to new systems
   or are planning to do so.  How do we go about choosing and
   implementing a new system?  Who participates in the process?
   How do we decide which features we want and which system best
   meets our needs?  What do we need to consider as we go through
   the planning process?

   Discussion Leaders:          Tia Gozzi
                                Director of Library Services
                                University of North Carolina at Charlotte

                                Carol Pfeiffer
                                Associate University Librarian
                                University of Virginia

                                Michael Somers
                                Head, Technical Services
                                Kansas State University

II. Program for Cooperative Cataloging Automation Initiatives:
        NACO and the New Workflow

        How can we take advantage of new system capabilities and
    national initiatives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness
    of technical services workflow? The session will include demon-
    strations of Clipsearch/Mums Little Helper and a NACO macro as
    well as a discussion of workflow issues.

    Discussion Leaders:         Michael Kaplan
                                Head, Database Management
                                Harvard University

                                David Williamson
                                Senior Descriptive Cataloger,
                                Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Team
                                Library of Congress

                                Mary Charles Lasater
                                Authorities Coordinator
                                Vanderbilt University

                                Noelle Van Pulis
                                Authorities Coordinator
                                Ohio State University

For further information, please contact:

Chair:  Patricia Kantner
        Head, Technical Services
        Purdue University Libraries
        Phone: (765) 494-2812

Chair-elect:  Cynthia D. Clark
              Assistant University Librarian, Technical Services
              University of California, Irvine
              Phone: (714) 824-7221

Patricia Kantner                    Phone: (765) 494-2812
Head, Technical Services            Fax:  (765) 494-0156
Purdue University Libraries         E-mail:
1534 Stewart Center
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1534