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Midwinter Symposium Announcement Collette Mak 13 Jan 1997 19:33 UTC

The following symposium announcement it being cross-posted to a number of
library listservs.  Pardon for the duplication and please do feel free to
pass this announcement on to your colleagues.     Registration information
is at the bottom of the posting.  Hope to see you there!   Collette Mak
 makc@oclc acting for Janet Hawk.

OCLC Symposium at ALA Midwinter 1997:
Libraries as Leaders:  Integrating Systems for Service

Program Title:      Libraries as Leaders: Integrating Systems for Service

Sponsored by:  OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Time/Location: Friday, February 14, 2-5 p.m.Washington Convention Center,
Room 31

Registration:  This program is free and open to all attendees at the ALA
Midwinter Conference in Washington, D.C.  Due to limited seating,
pre-registration is required;  please see the form below.  The first 500
registrants will receive admission tickets to the program.

Proceedings:   If you're interested in the program but cannot attend,
printed proceedings will be prepared by OCLC and distributed to member
libraries.  Additionally, videotapes of the program will be available
through the OCLC Interlibrary Loan service.  Following ALA Midwinter, the
speakers' papers will be available on the OCLC Home Page

Program Agenda and Description

Welcome         Phyllis Bova Spies, Vice President of Sales and
                 International, OCLC, Program Moderator
Libraries as Leaders:  The Statewide Perspective
                Susan Fayad, ACLIN Project Director, Colorado State Library

This presentation examines the leadership role played by two major
Colorado initiatives:  Access Colorado Library and Information Network
(ACLIN) and Colorado Library Resource Sharing and Information Access
Board (CLRSIAB).  Examples of how leadership and information services were
generated from system integration will be examined from various
viewpoints:  political, fiscal, human resource, and technological.

Adopting Distributive Cataloging Solutions
    John Schalow, Head, Cataloging Department, University of Maryland at
     College Park
     The presentation will cover the cataloging environment and some
of the factors which have enabled librarians to advance in quality and
production.  It concludes with an overview of future opportunities
for continued improvements.

A Digital Library in a Virtual Enterprise
     Lizanne Payne, Executive Director, Washington Research Library Consortium
The Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) recently developed a new
Web-based integrated digital library, the next generation of its shared
electronic library system serving seven member universities in Washington,
D.C.  This presentation reviews digital library design goals, including:
 providing seamless access to electronic resources, integrating external
Internet resources into local collections, and adding member libraries*
special collections to the shared system.

Order from Chaos:  Libraries and Electronic Government Information
    Kate Nevins, Executive Director, SOLINET: Southeastern Library Network
    The proliferation of electronic information from all levels of government
provides the citizenry with unparalleled resources.  This presentation will
review library and library consortial programs that provide effective access
to these complex and voluminous resources.  The presentation will conclude
with an overview of opportunities and issues for libraries embarking in
electronic government information access programs.

Reactor Panel Discussion
           Peggy D. Rudd, Chief, Bureau of Library Development,State Library
             of Florida
           Lee Leighton, Head, Cataloging Department, University of
             California at Berkeley
           Paul M. Gherman, University Librarian, Vanderbilt University
           Duncan M. Aldrich, Electronic Transition Specialist, U.S.
              Government Printing Office

Question & Answer Session

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