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Indexing information availability Angie Mills 16 Jan 1997 17:23 UTC

Subject:  INDEXES

Hi, I am the new serials librarian at the Edmonton Public Library and I am
asking about something that came up at a recent staff meeting.  Our
collection a mixture of print serials, microfilm and full text databases
such as Magazines Online (Information Access Company), with a fair amount
of overlap, i.e., many titles are available in two or three formats. Only
print serials are catalogued.  Has anyone ever heard of including indexing
information in the catalog records?  For example, under the titles
Macleans or Time, there would be a list of indexes held by our library, in
various formats, which cover the title.  I realize that this info is
available in Ulrich's, however, it is not always a convenient source for
us and the information is not always complete or up to date.  It would be
nice to have an accurate "local" record of indexes available through the
OPACs. Can anyone help with this?

Thank you in advance

Angie Mills
Edmonton Public Library