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ALA Midwinter Meeting: Journal Costs in Libraries DG Scott Wicks 16 Jan 1997 17:31 UTC

                         Journal Costs in Libraries
                              Discussion Group

                        Saturday, February 15, 1997
                              2:00 - 4:00 pm
                           Marriott Metro Center
                                  Salon D

               Throwing Out the Bathwater, But Keeping the Baby:
     Managing Serials in an Age of Precarious Pricing and Burdened Budgets

The task of managing the acquisition of serials has been a challenge, at
best, in recent years.  Four innovatively-minded individuals will offer
unique perspectives and creative approaches towards meeting the challenges
of precarious pricing and burdened budgets including their strategies for
cancellation decisions and for selecting services to replace current ones.
Following their brief presentations, we will share what promises to be an
energetic discussion in which we wrestle with traditional values,
innovative solutions, and empty pockets.

                            DISCUSSION LEADERS

                             Charles Hamaker,
                              Assistant Dean
                    Louisiana State University Libraries

                              Richard Meyer,
                         Director of the Library
                            Trinity University

                              Paul Sonberg,
                            Serials Specialist
                         Blackwell's Periodicals

                               John Tagler,
                    Director, Corporate Communications
                            Elsevier Science

Chair                                           Vice-Chair
Michele Crump                                   Scott Wicks
Assoc. Chair, Acquisitions Sec.                 Acquisitions Librarian
Resource Services Dept.                         Central Technical Services
Smathers Library                                Cornell University Library
University of Florida                           Cornell University            
352/392-0355                                    607/255-4960