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Re: The Namibian -request for info. Luinda Lilley 21 Jan 1997 15:29 UTC

On 17th Jan 1997, Marnie Hubbard <HUBBARDM@WARTBURG.EDU> asked:
> We are having difficulty placing a renewal subscription for the newspaper
> The Namibian.  Does anyone have a current subscription address?  If so,
> please send to the list or to me directly.

The University of Cape Town, South Africa, has a current subscription
to the daily newspaper, The Namibian.

    The Namibian
    P O Box 20783

    Tel: 09264-61-236970
    Fax: 09264-61-233980
    Email:   <Graham Hopwood>

I trust that this information will assist all those interested in

Luinda Lilley
Head Librarian : Periodicals Dept
University of Cape Town

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