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Too close to the truth to be funny (fwd) Robbie Varney 26 Jan 1998 20:32 UTC



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 From: William Kennedy
 Sent: Friday, January 23, 1998 6:44 AM
 To:   Robbie Varney
 Subject:  Too close to the truth to be funny

 You are on the serials list, right?
 Maybe you could forward this to them.

>From The Acme Novelty Library, V.5, #9, Winter 1997, featuring Jimmy
Corrigan, the Smartest Boy on Earth, by Chris Ware, one of the best
cartoonists in America, published by Fantagraphics (7563 Lake City Way NE;
Seattle WA 98115). this is from the indicia:

"The ACME Novelty Library is published twice weekly, on every Monday and
Thursday, excepting holidays, special occasions, and staff personnel
activity days, (including baby/bridal showers, retirement parties, and
funeral picnics), during which times it is published on the next following
Monday or Thursday, whichever comes first, excepting, of course, those
Mondays or Thursdays which are designated as "special days", during which
times it is not published at all, but is set aside in favor of little
luncheons with tea and finger sandwiches and jolly talk about life's
doings, which, if present preferences continue, are likely to become more
frequent, even daily, occurrences, thus effectively rendering our printing
schedule moot and obsolete, and in such circumstances testing the reader's
patience with publishing dates falling somewhere between nine and ten
months apart.

Single copy price is four dollars and fifty cents, and, at our twice
weekly rate, subscriptions are available on a yearly basis for four
hundred sixty eight dollars U.S...."

and, in regard to my posting this to the list:

"Please be of the mind to recall that the contents herein, while
surprisingly bland, dry, and even boring, are still the jealously guarded
property of the author, and while tenuous license has been granted the
publisher to reproduce the little pictures and jokes that follow, such
material is still nevertheless entirely copyrighted 1997 Mr. C. Ware, and
should not be imitated, mocked, or even read aloud without his written and
extrememly difficult to obtain permission. Violators of this simple code
will be promptly and unceremoniously humiliated."