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NASIG Conference nodes and discussion groups (Connie Foster) Stephen Clark 02 Mar 1998 20:47 UTC

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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 13:22:17 CST
Subject: NASIG Conference

  For the 13th annual NASIG conference, the following nodes and dicussion
groups have sent in requests to date. It is not too late to volunteer for
a node or user group. Please email connie foster at
Requests will be posted on NASIG-L and Serialst prior to the conference and
will be listed in the conference packet.
NODES  (Sat. afternoon)
Public Libraries (Marsha Bennett, Connie Foster, Beverley Geer)
Serials Cataloging (Pamela Simpson) will include CONSER discussion
Union Listing (Cathy Kellum)
Preservation Issues (Jane Hedberg)
Managing Electronic Journals (Sharon Cline McKay)
Getting Published (Cindy Hepfer, Teresa Malinowski)
Subject indexing and serial literature for reference librarians (helping
patrons understand the relationship) (Jeff Bullington)

 USER Groups  (Sunday during lunch and before tours)
Endeavor Voyager (Maggie Rioux)
DRA (June Chressanthis)
Innovative (Ann Dykas)
SIRSI (Denise Novak)
Dynix (Jean Lenville)