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Uniform Title and Electronic Serials (Jeff Steely) Stephen Clark 05 Mar 1998 21:26 UTC

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Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:06:34 -0600
From: Jeff Steely <Jeffrey_Steely@BAYLOR.EDU>
Subject: Uniform Title and Electronic Serials


When a print and electronic version of a serial are issued simultaneously, does one need to add a 130 to the print version of the serial?  I just came across a record in OCLC in which the uniform title "Nitric oxide (Print)" was added to the record for the print version (OCLC #35147437).  This is the source of my question.

CONSER Catatloging Manual 5.2.5, "When not to add a uniform title" says that a uniform title is NOT necessary "when the records represent different physical versions of the same serial that are issued simultaneously."

I also checked Module 31 online.  31.6 states that "a computer file serial that is also issued in another physical format, such as print or CD- ROM, is not treated as a reproduction, and therefore requires a uniform title qualified by the physical medium."  There is no indication, however, that a 130 should be added to the print copy.  The example in Module 31 for a concurrently published serial ( is "Emerging infectious diseases."  While the example has the uniform title "Emerging infectious diseases (Online)", the counterpart print record does NOT have a uniform title.

So, should the record for the print version have a uniform title added?  If so, under what circumstances?

Thanks for your assistance.

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