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Re: Electronic Serials Institute (2 messages) Stephen Clark 06 Mar 1998 14:32 UTC

2 messages

Date:         Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:22:53 -0700
From:         kathleen <kathleen@SJSUVM1.SJSU.EDU>
Organization: San Jose State University
Subject:      Re: Electronic Serials Institute (2 messages)

Birdie, satellite may be great in some areas, but we don't have the
capabilities here -- yes, I know we are touted as "THE Silicon Valley
University", but until something changes in the administration of the
place, we'll stay firmly behind the rest of you.

There are a couple local glitches, as well, that would mean I could not
"attend" a satellite-broadcast session ..

So, please, let's have a West Coast venue, NOT satellite!  We could
possibly even lure the Hawaiian contingent over ....?

Kathleen Thorne
San Jose State University

Date:         Thu, 5 Mar 1998 21:04:49 -0600
From:         Theresa C Trawick <tsutct01@ASNMAIL.ASC.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Electronic Serials Institute (2 messages)

I second Birdie's suggestion of satellite delivery to

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