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Re: Digital Reality conference, June 1998, Massachusetts Joanna Tousley-Escalante 02 Apr 1998 06:49 UTC

A question for NELINET.
Would it be possible to videoconference such an event to an
international audience?   We have the receiving capability here, but it
is never possible for us to travel to participate in such events - even
though we are struggling at this time with these very same questions.

Joanna Tousley-Escalante

*       Head Technical Services Unit
*       VIC Library - Vienna, Austria

>From:  Ann W. Devenish <adevenish@GATEKEEPER.NELINET.NET>
>Sent:  Wednesday, April 01, 1998 04:45
>Subject:       Digital Reality conference, June 1998, Massachusetts
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>     June 1-2, 1998
>     Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlborough, MA
>WHO      The staff of Resource Sharing, Technical Services &
>                Cataloging, Acquisitions & Collection Development,
>                Reference & Access Services, and Preservation are
>                cordially invited to attend this two-day conference.
>WHAT    A collaboration of the NELINET Advisory Committees, the
>                Annual NELINET ILL Spring Meeting, and the Annual
>                NELINET Reference Technology Conference.
>WHY     Bringing an electronic journal or reference tool into the
>                library means more than making "room" for it on the
>                shelves.  Every aspect of the library is impacted by
>                its acquisition.
>        * Who makes the acquisition decision?
>        * Who negotiates the contract?
>        * Is the technology in place for local and/or remote access?
>        * Whose departmental budget funds it?
>        * Does the library staff have the skills to use this tool and to
>           instruct users?
>        * How is it stored and preserved for future users of the
>           collection?
>        * Is there access from the library catalog?
>        * Is the electronic journal union listed?
>        * What are the copyright implications for interlibrary loan and
>           the electronic reserve room?
>        * Can the traditional structure of the library function in the
>           electronic era?
>        * How do the acquirers, negotiators, catalogers, and
>           ILL staff communicate?
>        * Who makes the decisions, answers the questions, lives with the
>           consequences?
>        Join us in discussing these issues!  Come find answers!
>        Ann Okerson, Yale University
>        Stephen Wood, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library
>        Michael Kaplan, Indiana University
>        Paul Conway, Yale University
>        John Powers, Powers & Co.
>        Mary Ann List & Francesca Denton, Amherst Town Library
>        Hannah Stevens, Boston Library Consortium
>        Anne Nolan, Brown University
>        Linda Kresge, Bowdoin College
>        Mary Elizabeth Clack & Laura Farwell, Harvard University
>        Bob Ciavola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>        Carl Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>        Bill Ross, University of New Hampshire
>        Myrtle Myers, OCLC
>Program details, directions, local accomodations, and
>registration information are available at
> or by calling 800-NELINET.
>Ann W. Devenish (
>Two Newton Executive Park
>Newton, MA  02162
>phone: 1-800-635-4638 x 304 (New England only)
>       1-617-969-0400 x 304
>fax:   1-617-332-9634