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Scholarly Publishing Meeting Update (Michael Thompson) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 23 Apr 1998 13:30 UTC

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:44:03 -0600
From: Michael Thompson <thompson@RESOURCENTER.COM>
Subject: Scholarly Publishing Meeting Update

Here is the latest list of speakers for our meeting. I know severl people on
the list have expressed an interest:

Society for Scholarly Publishing
20th Anniversary Meeting
June 3 - 5, 1998 San Diego, California
"Scholarly Publishing - The Next 20 Years
Looking Forward - Looking Back"


        Opening Keynote The Future of Scholarly Publishing
The Honorable Patricia Schroeder, President and CEO, Association of American
Publishers; Peter Givler, Executive Director, Association of American
University Presses; Janice Fleming, President, SSP; Allan Wittman, Chairman,
20th Anniversary Program, Wittman Associates
        The Future of the Book
David F. McCune, President and Publisher, Sage Publications, Inc.; Norris
Pope, Director, Stanford University Press; Kate Wittenberg, Editor-in-Chief
- Columbia University Press; Natalie Hilzen, Editor-in-Chief, Books, AFB
Press, American Foundation for the Blind;
        The Future of the Journal
Peter Boyce, Senior Associate, American Astronomical Society; Richard
Lucier, University Librarian and Executive Director, The Digital Library,
University of California; Robert Bovenschulte, Director, Publications
Division, American Chemical Society; David Pullinger, Electronic Publisher,
Nature; Ann Reinke Strong, Vice President, Blackwell Science, Inc.
        The Future of Scholarly Discourse
David Kennedy, Professor of History, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Stanford
University; Donald Kennedy, Former President, Stanford University; Floyd E.
Bloom, Samuel Gubins; President and Editor in Chief, Annual Reviews; William
Kaufmann, President, William Kauffman, Inc.
        What About the Customer? Books in a Changing World
Stanley Greenfield, Dial-A-Book; Susan Hensley, San Diego Technical Books;
Henry Topping, Director, Sales and Marketing, Sprout Books on Demand; Peter
Adams, President, Moseley Associates Inc
        Document Digital Delivery
Kathy Kingery, Vice President, Uncover/Knight-Ridder Source One; Ed
McGettigan, Director of Marketing, ISI Document Solution; Rick Lawson, Vice
President,, Jill O'Neill, ISI
        What About the Customer? Authentication for Access
Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition For Network Information; James
Lichtenberg, President, LIGHT Speed
        Web-Based Support for Book Distribution
Becky Clarke, Vice President, R. R. Bowker; Martyn Daniels, Vista Computer
Services; Brian Scanlon, Managing Director, Thieme International
        Ethics in Scientific Publication
Michael Kalichman, Professor of Pathology, Coordinator, Research Ethics
Program, Office of Graduate Studies and Research, University of California,
San Diego; Bernard Babior, Professor and Head, Division of Biochemistry,
Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, The Scripps Research
Institute; Ray Fastiggi, Associate Director, Rockefeller University Press
        On-line journals
Robert Kelly, Director, Journal Information Systems, American Physical
Society; Maria Lebrón, American Geophysical Union; Ed Valauskas; Judith
Axler Turner, Editor, Journal of Electronic Publishing
        What is the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?
Albert Simmonds, Bowker; Bruce Washburn, Academic Press; James Lichtenberg,
President Lightspeed
        Content Management
John Christofferson, Senior Vice President, Professional Publishing Group,
The McGraw-Hill Companies; Terry Plyler, Chief Technology Officer,
CDIS-Directional Data, John Strange, Production Manager, Blackwells, UK;
Chris Kartchner, President, CDIS, Inc.

******Michael P. Thompson******
****Director of Communications***