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Re: URL software Jeanne Towle (06 Apr 1998 16:25 UTC)

Re: URL software Jeanne Towle 06 Apr 1998 16:25 UTC

We use "URL-minder" ( to
monitor our catalogued websites.  You can set it up to notify you of all
changes (ie when a new issue of serial is added, or any minor change is
made to the site) or be more specific and ask to be notified only when the
site changes addresses or disappears.

Jeanne Towle
Acquisitions Supervisor
Red River College Library

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Janet Essency <> wrote:
>Here at Minot State University we are about to get a Web based catalog.
>So we can finally catalog those electronic resources we have looking at.
>One of our concerns has been URL's.  The fact that they change,
>disappear, etc. We have looked at OCLC's PURL program but wondered if
>this was our only option. Is anyone using something else or is there
>anything else available? For those libraries using OCLC's PURL what do
>you think of it?
>    Any advice would be appreciated?
>Janet Essency
>Periodicals Librarian
>Minot State University
>Minot, ND