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Acquisitions Materials Vendors Cynthia F. Hashert 09 Apr 1998 16:25 UTC


Here at Auraria Library we will soon be implementing the
Acquisitions subsystem of Innopac. In conjunction with this,
we will be taking a look at our materials vendors for approval
plans, firm orders and standing orders and trying to see
which vendor best meets our needs.

We have sent Requests for Information to several vendors and
will be inviting them in for presentations very soon.

I wonder if any of you would like to share your experiences--good
or bad--with any of the major materials vendors. If you
are an Innopac library, all the better (but not necessary).

If you wish to respond to me directly, my email is:

Thank you,
Cynthia F. Hashert
Acquisitions Librarian
Auraria Library--Serving
University of Colorado Denver/
Metropolitan State College/
Colorado Community College Denver
phone: 303-556-5256
fax:   303-556-3528