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publi. info from ANTITRUST LAW AND ECONOMICS REVIEW (Joyce Nelson) Stephen Clark 01 Jun 1998 12:27 UTC

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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 20:14:15 +0000
From: Joyce Nelson <JOYCEN@HSC.EDU>

Hello all!

I thought I would share the information gained from a query to
ANTITRUST LAW AND ECONOMICS REVIEW regarding the publication schedule
for this title.  I had mentioned in my note to the publisher that those
of us in serialsland who rely heavily on automated checkin systems would
be most grateful for an update. The reply which came from Charles
Mueller, Editor, does not note how many issues to expect but does say
that there will be a mailing by the end of this summer.

Mr. Mueller's comments and thanks to patient librarians appear below my
signature lines.

Joyce Nelson
Periodicals/Government Documents
Eggleston Library
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampden Sydney, VA  23943

804-223-6278    fax 804-223-6351


> And greetings to you, Joyce!
>         Yes, you have it exactly right:  The antitrust world  is now in one of its high-boil periods, thanks to the Microsoft battle.
>         On this journal's publishing schedule, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to give you and your fellow periodical librarians an update.  As you know, in our 30 years of publication, we've frequently published in a given year as many as 6 individual issues, and as few as 2.  Writings in the antitrust field tend to ebb and flow, reflecting largely, as the Microsoft example illustrates, rises and falls in the activity (or lack of it) of the enforcement agencies.  We collect material that we consider important, or of special interest to our readers, and, when enough has been gathered, put together a group of issues.  (The calendar dates on our issues bear no necessary relationship to publication dates, which are of course carefully reflected in the copyright date of each issue.  Our billing is accordingly always done by volume number, e.g., Vol. 27, 28, and so on.)
>         We now have such a group of issues in preparation, several of which will be mailing by the end of summer.  We should be fully up date by the end of the year.
>         My thanks for your good note and for this opportunity to thank all the librarians who've been so understanding, over all these years, of the sometimes erratic world of antitrust!
>         Again my thanks.
>         Charles Mueller, Editor