Re: Free Electronic Journals Alison McKevitt 23 Jun 1998 08:09 UTC

As an additional response to Tom Evans' request for free electronic
journals which come bundled with a subscription to the paper journal;
the following publishers' journals are available in this way through
CatchWord's RealPage system.

"Free" electronic journals for 1998 from:
Carfax Publishing Ltd.
Institution of Chemical Engineers
International Journal of Psycho Analysis
Scandinavian University Press
Multilingual Matters:          Free for institutional subscribers
Royal Society of Chemistry:    Free for institutional subscribers
Royal Society of Medicine
Society for Applied Spectroscopy:     Free for members for the first 6
months of 1998

Additional "free" electronic journals planned for 1999:
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures

Some of the above publishers were also listed on Chip Nilges' response
from OCLC.  This is not an error from either party - all of the above
publishers' material is hosted on CatchWord's servers, but frequently
available through more than one access route or gateway.

A full list of all the publishers and titles on CatchWord's RealPage
system is available from:

If you have any questions, or would like further information on any of
the above, then please contact me directly.

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