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ALA: Committee to Study Serials Cataloging Meeting Joe Altimus 23 Jun 1998 17:10 UTC

The ALCTS/SS/Committee to Study Serials Cataloging invites you to
attend its meeting in Washington D.C.

Date/Time: Monday, June 29, 1998, 2-4 pm

Place: Governor's House Hotel, Cabinet Room
        (1516 Rhode Island Avenue, about 5 blocks north of
         the White House)

Featured at the meeting are reports from the Chairs of the four AACR
Review Groups on the work of each group over the last six months.
Time will be provided after each report for questions and
discussion and the Committee's participant in each Group will
facilitate. Group 1 is concerned with the Definition of a Serial;
Group 2A with Description of Serials in general; Group 2B with
Description of Electronic Serials; and Group 3 with Access to

The agenda also includes reports from CC:DA and MARBI meetings and a
report of recent LC/CONSER/NSDP activities of interest to serials


 1. Introductions, announcement of new CSSC constituency for 98/99

 2. CC:DA report (Carolynne Myall)

 3. MARBI report (Joe Altimus)

 4. LC/CONSER/NSDP report (Regina Reynolds)

 5. Reports from AACR Review Groups

    a. Group 1 Report and Model C Proposal (Jean Hirons)

       Incorporating Entry Proposal (Sara Shatford Layne)

       Discussion (Mary Grenci)

    b. Group 2a Report (Kristin Lindlan)

       Discussion (Carolynne Myall)

    c. Group 2b  Report (Pamela Simpson)

       Discussion (Sally Tseng)

    d. Group 3 Report (Sara Shatford Layne)

       Discussion (Adriana Pilecky-Dekajlo)

cc:  BL.CJA