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Faxon Canada 1998 Price Index Erratum Virginia Roy 29 Jun 1998 17:46 UTC

It has recently come to our attention that the two of  the data tables
published in the 1998 Faxon Canada Foreign and Domestic Periodicals Price
Index  in the  May 1998 issue of  Feliciter were incorrectly supplied to
CLA by Faxon Canada.    Table 1, Serials Price Index by Subject and Table
2,  Average Subscription Prices by Selected Country of Publication  contain
data from the 1997 Price Index.  Faxon Canada sincerely regrets any
inconvenience that this may have caused.    The correct data tables and a
complete version of the 1998 Price Index can be found on the Faxon Canada
website at   Individuals or
institutions wishing to receive the Price Index in hard copy can email or call Faxon Canada at 1-800-263-2966.
The corrected tables will  appear in the July/August issue of Feliciter
and will soon be posted to the CLA site at

Corrected information has already been forwarded to those who previously
requested advance copies of the Price Index.

Again, our apologies for the error and thanks to the librarian who brought
it to our attention.

Virginia Roy
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