Re: tables of contents Eamon Fennessy 30 Jun 1998 14:24 UTC

Re: Amy Whitmer inquiry regarding Tables of Contents and republication. a)
Most, if not all, publishers regard both Tables of Contents and
author-prepared Abstracts as copyrighted materials and may require
permissions to republish (which is what The Copyright Group does...we
arrange permissions for users to use copyrighted works in print AND in the
electronic medium...for Inter and Intranets, for storage and archiving,
etc).   b) Many Secondary publishers,  provide services which offer access
to journal articles through "Awareness Programs". ISI, CARL, UMI, etc but
usually cannot offer others the republication of Tables of Contents.
and...AMY..Who, or what is an IGLOU.COM?

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At 08:59 PM 6/29/98 -0400, Amy Whitmer wrote:
>Do any of you know if a.) the table of contents of a journal is
>copyrighted (i.e. can they be republished in other publications without
>the original pubisher's permission), and b.) are there services out
>there that offer tables of contents for a variety of journals on a
>subscription basis?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Amy Whitmer