Year 2000 Compliant (Susan Kalalas) Stephen Clark 03 Jun 1998 12:24 UTC

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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 10:19:06 -0400
From: Susan Kalalas <kalalas@FAXON.COM>
Subject: Year 2000 Compliant

We would like to have the opportunity to post the following message from Dan
Tonkery, President and COO of The Faxon Company on you listserv.  As you will
see, our intent is to provide your readers with accurate information
about Faxon's system compliancy in the Year 2000.  If you have questions
regarding this request, please contact:

Dolores Fallon
Corporate Communications
The Faxon Company

In response to comments about the services of various vendors, I am
writing to clarify a definite misconception about Faxon's system
compliancy in the Year 2000.   Over the past three years, Faxon has
invested an enormous amount of money to make Source the industry's first
Year-2000 compliant subscription management system. In fact, Source is the
only system in the industry that was specifically designed to be Year-2000
compliant.  Therefore, we and our clients can be confident that this will
not be a major issue for Faxon as the end of the century approaches.

If you have suggestions or ideas on issues of service quality or
additional value-added services which you would like to see please do not
hesitate to contact me personally.  I am very interested in hearing what you
have to say.

Dan Tonkery
President & COO
The Faxon Company