Re: General Interest Magazine from Latin America (Jef Martin) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 11 Jun 1998 18:49 UTC

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:45:26 -0500
From: Jef Martin <jmartin@CI.SAT.TX.US>
Subject: Re: general interest magazine from Latin America (Angie Mills)

First let me admit that I don't speak or read Spanish, so I cannot speak
to content.  However, from a popularity aspect, here in San Antonio the
three "winners" are Siempre, Geomundo, and Americas (Spanish ed.).  For
what it is worth.

jef Martin
San Antonio Public

> Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 16:49:34 -0600
> From: Angie Mills <AMills@PUBLIB.EDMONTON.AB.CA>
> Subject: general interest magazine from Latin America
> Hello everyone,  can anyone recommend a good, general interest Spanish
> language Magazine with broad coverage of all Latin America?  Please
> note
> that I work in a Canadian Library. We get the occasional request for
> magazines from specific countries (e.g. Peru) but I would rather try
> to
> get something with a broad appeal.  At present we have only two
> Spanish
> language serials:  Clarin (newspaper from Argentina) and Hola (
> popular
> magazine from Spain)  I am researching this and have come up with two
> possibilites so far:  Americas and Somos.  There are of course a few
> local Hispanic-Canadian publications that I haven't specifically
> listed
> here - most of these are published in Ontario which is a long way from
> my library in Alberta.
> thanks in advance
> Angie Mills
> Serials Librarian
> Edmonton Public Library