American Journal of Preventative Psychiatry and Neurology? (Mike Scully) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 07 Aug 1998 02:14 UTC

Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:59:00 -0700
From: Mike Scully <mscully@SWEDISH.ORG>
Subject: American Journal of Preventative Psychiatry and Neurology?

A patron has requested an article from a 1990 issue of "American Journal of
Preventative Psychiatry and Nuerology" (v. 2, p. 9-14), Coleman E., The
obsessive- compulsive model for describing compulsive sexual behavior).  I
have a photocopy of his source in hand (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, v.
53 issue 10, p. 357, October 1992, item #18), and the cite was not garbled
nor altered.

Thus far, we have checked WLN (sort of a regional OCLC), Ulrichs (on
CD-ROM), SERLINE (part of the MEDLINE series of databases), the National
Library of Medicine's "Locator" (their online catalog), and, of course,
Medline itself.  We're guessing that the journal title is wrong, but the
patron is insistent that other articles cite the same article (strictly
speaking, I have no doubt that is true).  For the journal title, we used
variations on "preventative", such as "preventive" (used much more
prevelantly, by the way), among others.

Seemingly, something about the citation is wrong (and, yes, we suspect the
journal title), but we're stumped.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

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