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Re: Direct access to e-journals via the 856/URL Wayne Jones 21 Aug 1998 18:01 UTC

At MIT, we have not cataloged ScienceDirect (we do not yet have access to
that package), but for other packages the URL we have been adding to the
catalog record is a specific one -- i.e. for the title of the individual
serial and not for the package as a whole.


Wayne Jones
Head of Serials Cataloging
Wayne Jones, Serials Cataloging, MIT Libraries, 14E-210A, (617) 253-4637,

At 10:42 AM 8/21/98 -0400, Lillian Gassie wrote:
>We have just licensed Elsevier's ScienceDirect, and I am preparing to
>catalog the specific online journals we subscribe to.  My problem is what
>to put as the URL for each title.  I notice that OCLC records have the
>URLs pointing to the ScienceDirect home page, but I would prefer to
>provide direct access to the title.  We get access via IP addresses.  I
>have experimented by copying the URL while at a specific title's webpage
>and putting it in the 856 field.  This has worked so far, but I was told
>by a ScienceDirect tech support person that such URLs are not static and
>likely to change in a few months.
>Has anyone else cataloged Elsevier's e-journals and if so, what do you put
>in the 856 field?
>Lillian Gassie
>Technical Services Librarian
>Army Research Lab
>Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD