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Accession policies Bobbye L. McCarter 25 Aug 1998 17:34 UTC

I am interested in knowing if any of you continue to accession volumes in
your libraries - monographs and/or serials.  If yes, what is your
justification for this step in the processing procedure?  With so much
being automated today - including the keeping of statistics on additions,
deletions, etc. of holdings, I am trying to look realistically at the old
procedures to see what steps are really still necessary - in order words,
just because it has always been done, do we need to continue to do it just
for that reason?

Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Bobbye L. McCarter
Serials Librarian
James E. Carter Library
Georgia Southwestern State University
800 Wheatley Street
Americus, GA  31709