Position Announcement: Indiana State Lib., Catalog Div. Doug Conrads 05 Dec 1998 15:41 UTC


POSITION TITLE:  Assistant Federal Documents Cataloger, Catalog Division,
Indiana State Library


RESPONSIBILITIES:  The primary responsibilities of this position are the
creation of serial catalog records, and the creation/maintenance of serial
bibliographic holdings record for federal documents.  This position is
under the direct supervision of the Serial/Documents Cataloger.  Prepares
original brief serial and monograph catalog records of federal documents
for which cataloging copy is not available on OCLC.  This involves
assignment of corporate name entries and uniform title main entries
according to AACR II (Rev. 1988 ed.), and the creation/assignment of
Superintendent of Documents Classification numbers.  Prepares serial
bibliographic holdings records for new serial titles.  Revises serial
catalog records and serial bibliographic holdings records for serial
titles which have undergone a change in title, and/or change in issuing
agency and Superintendent of Documents classification number.  Revises
serial cataloging of titles which have ceased or require closure, with the
appropriate transfer of bibliographic holdings.  Revises cataloging and/or
updates serial bibliographic holdings records and materials to reflect
corrections in classification number issued by GPO.  Maintains item number
card file, shelflist catalog card file, and title catalog card file.
Assists 33 federal selective depository libraries in Indiana with
questions/problems concerning technical service aspects of the Federal
Depository Library Program.  Coordinates disposal lists received from the
33 federal selective depository libraries in Indiana and makes appropriate
claims.  Assists library staff with the use of the federal document card
catalogs and the federal documents serials check-in files.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED:  Theory and practice of librarianship.  The Federal
Depository Library Program and its requirements.  AACR I and AACR II (Rev.
1998 ed.), as interpreted by the Library of Congress and the Government
Printing Office.  Knowledge of MARC format for serials, monographs, maps,
and machine-readable data files.  Rules governing the creation/assignment
of Superintendent of Documents classification numbers.  Use of standard
bibliographic tools for federal documents: The Monthly Catalog of United
States Government Publications, Guide to U.S. Government Publications, GPO
Depository Union List of Item Selections, Publication Reference File
(PRF), Sales Publication Catalog (SPC), Superseded List, List of Classes,
and the OCLC database.  ALA Card Filing Rules.  Familiarity with the use
of microcomputers and their applications.

ABILITIES REQUIRED:  To analyze and resolve complex cataloging and
processing problems.  To operate an OCLC workstation for searching
purposes.  To interpret and apply policy directives.  To communicate
effectively verbally and in writing.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Master's degree in Library Science from an
accredited library school plus three years professional cataloging
experience, preferably in federal documents. Eligibility for certification
by the Indiana Library Certification Board.

SALARY:  $1,027.00 Bi-weekly, Annual Salary: $26,702.00

CONTACT:  Complete credentials should be submitted: i.e., application
form, resume, transcripts of graduate library school records, and
placement files which the applicant should arrange to have sent.  All
applicants will need to be able to make arrangements for an interview at
their own expense.  Please address inquiries to Peggy L. Morlan, Human
Resource Officer, Indiana State Library, 140 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis,
IN 46204, (317) 232-3695.

In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, please notify us
if you require special accommodations.  The Immigration Reform and Control
Act of 1986 makes it unlawful to hire unauthorized Aliens.  All new hires
will be required to provide documentation of identity and employment
eligibility within three days of employment.

posted: 12/5/1998